Month: February 2015

Mustard Glazed Lamb Rack

Mustard Glazed Lamb Rack | The Full-time Foodie

A word of caution: Today’s post may not be suitable for those who cringe at the sight of meat or those who have drooling tendencies from reading about delectable lamb dishes- extreme salivating has been a reported symptom of posts like this one.  You have been warned! Sorry I couldn’t resist the intro!  Lamb is one of those meats that is kind of a treat in our household i.e. we probably have lamb once a month or even less than that.   It’s mostly because I’m cautious about how much red meat I eat and honestly it’s more enjoyable that way because it’s something we save for the occasional splurge.  I don’t know why but when I eat lamb- I feel fancy.  I’m serious!  Doesn’t a plate of lamb chops or lamb lollipops just scream “fancy” to you?  I would feel guilty eating lamb chops on the couch by our coffee table like a slob a.k.a. a regular dinner night at the Mehtas.  If we have lamb I make sure we sit at the dining table, get the nice …

Dalithoy (Konkani Yellow Dal)

Dalithoy | The Full-time Foodie

I’m not going to lie to you, this was not my intended recipe for the post after Valentine’s day.  I had an elaborate plan to share a sinfully delicious yet guilt-free version of churros with melted chocolate.  The guilt-free aspect being baked vs. fried and whole-wheat vs. all-purpose flour.  But the churros ended up tasting more like dinner rolls and lets face it, dinner rolls with melted chocolate is not really a sinful dessert… it’s not dessert at all.  Sigh.  I still have a long ways to go with dessert skills, but I hope to be able to share some successful recipes in the coming weeks/months.  I also wanted to note that my sweet husband still ate the failed churros. He’s a keeper So today I’m going in a completely different direction and sharing one of the most staple recipes in the Konkani world- Dalithoy.  My Konkani peers, no matter how much they associate themselves with our culture or know the language, certainly recognize Dalithoy.  I swear if there was a Konkani flag of some sort, a picture/illustration of …

Roasted Masala Chickpeas

Roasted Masala Chickpeas || The Full-time Foodie

“Same same but different” is what I use to describe my husband and I in our love for snacking.  (By the way, points to anyone who knows where that phrase is originally used) We are the same in our love for snacking, but different when it comes to the KIND of snacks we love.  He loves sweet snacks like cookies or brownies and I’m more of the savory snacks like chips or snack mixes.  Regardless of the flavor we love snacking and for the longest time they would  be pretty terrible snacks- high in sugar, sodium and other nasties.  Controlling our snacking habits is still a work in progress even at this time, but I think we’re doing so much better than say.. 3 years ago?   My goal has become finding ways to replace the terrible snacks we eat with the not so terrible ones.  So naturally I turn to Pinterest and all my favorite cooking websites to find some healthy substitutes.   Suril is very lucky because there are a number of healthy snack recipes …