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Egg Curry with Potato-Spinach Parathas

Egg Curry & Potato Spinach Parathas

Hello world.  I will spare you the apologies for the delayed post because based on my past performance, I’d say that it’s unavoidable  But July was an extremely busy month!  I got a new job AND I traveled all over Portugal with a short stint in Barcelona without having much time to plan for the trip! I LOVED PORTUGAL! It was my first true European trip.  From what I heard, Portugal is still relatively low-key compared to other parts of Europe and it definitely felt low-key when I hadn’t met any Americans until we reached Lisbon.  Now to the important stuff- The food. It was so so SO good!  I got to try octopus, salted cod (bacalhau) and many other Portuguese delicacies.  Portuguese fare involves a lot of ‘petiscos’, which is basically tapas, so the small portion eater in me was very happy.  I definitely felt a lot of Mediterranean influence with the food but still extremely unique in flavor.   All in all it was a wonderful trip I would recommend to my fellow travel and food fiends! I also …