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Tamarind Coconut Chicken Curry

Tamarind Coconut Chicken Curry || The Full-time Foodie

You know you’re still new to this whole blogging thing when you hit “Publish” accidentally and send your subscribers an incomplete blog post.  Apologies for those who got lured into thinking there was a new recipe yesterday!  But perhaps on some very small level you were excited about this post? A little? Anyhoo, let’s talk about onions today! When it comes to onions, I have mostly found two types of people exist in this world: those who really really LOVE onions to the point where they must have them with every meal and those who LOATHE onions with every fiber of their being.  I used to be in the “loathe” category for most of my life.  This probably wouldn’t have been a big issue if onions weren’t so integral to Indian cooking.  So when I first started my cooking adventures a few years ago, I decided that I would try my hand at recipes with onions and hope for the best. I don’t know if this holds true for everyone, but I find that when you start cooking your own food, your taste buds …

Mustard Glazed Lamb Rack

Mustard Glazed Lamb Rack | The Full-time Foodie

A word of caution: Today’s post may not be suitable for those who cringe at the sight of meat or those who have drooling tendencies from reading about delectable lamb dishes- extreme salivating has been a reported symptom of posts like this one.  You have been warned! Sorry I couldn’t resist the intro!  Lamb is one of those meats that is kind of a treat in our household i.e. we probably have lamb once a month or even less than that.   It’s mostly because I’m cautious about how much red meat I eat and honestly it’s more enjoyable that way because it’s something we save for the occasional splurge.  I don’t know why but when I eat lamb- I feel fancy.  I’m serious!  Doesn’t a plate of lamb chops or lamb lollipops just scream “fancy” to you?  I would feel guilty eating lamb chops on the couch by our coffee table like a slob a.k.a. a regular dinner night at the Mehtas.  If we have lamb I make sure we sit at the dining table, get the nice …