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Shrimp Fideuà

Shrimp Fideuà | The Full-time Foodie

Hello hello!  I’m happy to report that my batteries are completely recharged and I’m back feeling quite excited to cook again.  Not that I wasn’t cooking before, but I was struggling on the “what do I share on the blog!?!” front!  Sometimes I forget that the blog isn’t meant to be a stressful thing I HAVE to keep up with.  I just love cooking and trying new recipes out. The blog was created as a way for me to chronicle the recipes I enjoy and the photos are just an excuse for me to keep exercising my photography muscle.  Note to self- post only when inspired So I came back this week with renewed interest and new ideas! I also came back with a new resolve- to make practical choices with food.  Not that I was so impractical with food before, but sometimes I found myself wanting to make insanely complicated things that took way too much time and with ingredients I had a hard time finding use for again.  This just meant that I need to plan my meals better, budget better and find recipes that are …