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Recipes that were created by Swati or inspired by others and eventually evolved through Swati’s changes

“Green” Hummus

"Green" Hummus | The Full-time Foodie

Late last year, I had purchased a brand new electric pressure cooker for one main reason:  to cook chickpeas from scratch.  For one thing, I’m a little wary of eating canned foods on the regular.  No scientific reasoning behind this, but it was just a matter of eating fresh food as often as I could.   After I pressure cooked my first batch of chickpeas from scratch- I was hooked.  It was so much more affordable to buy dried beans in bulk and I don’t know if it’s a psychological thing but everything I make with freshly cooked chickpeas tastes so much better!   This hummus recipe was inspired by, well I should actually say the main reason I made this hummus was because I have a super sweet co-worker who grows a ton of vegetables and herbs and regularly brings me things from her garden.  This past week she gave me, no joke, a 13 gallon bag filled with mint.  I had mentioned to her that my local grocery store has a weird shortage of mint i.e. they …

Crispy Kale Chaat

Crispy Kale Chaat | The Full-time Foodie

Happy friday everyone!  I’m so glad the weekend’s almost here! You know how some weeks you just feel a bit… off your game?  I’m having one of those weeks for sure and for no reason in particular.  So this weekend I plan on recharging the ol’ batteries and it coincides with a trip to see my best friend in Canada!  So excited On to today’s recipe!   If you’re unfamiliar with chaat- it’s a type of Indian street-food that traditionally involves layering different types of spicy and sweet chutneys, fresh veggies like onions and tomatoes and on top of different vehicles ranging from samosas to small puris (crispy hollow puffed circles of dough).  There are hundreds of variations when it comes to chaat and people are still inventing new concepts! Today’s recipe was originally inspired by the whole palak chaat craze.  Palak chaat has been a phenomenon, particularly in DC thanks to Rasika (one of the most sought after Indian restaurants in the area).  I’m not remotely obsessed with Rasika, I’ve only been there three times since I moved to …

Tamarind Coconut Chicken Curry

Tamarind Coconut Chicken Curry || The Full-time Foodie

You know you’re still new to this whole blogging thing when you hit “Publish” accidentally and send your subscribers an incomplete blog post.  Apologies for those who got lured into thinking there was a new recipe yesterday!  But perhaps on some very small level you were excited about this post? A little? Anyhoo, let’s talk about onions today! When it comes to onions, I have mostly found two types of people exist in this world: those who really really LOVE onions to the point where they must have them with every meal and those who LOATHE onions with every fiber of their being.  I used to be in the “loathe” category for most of my life.  This probably wouldn’t have been a big issue if onions weren’t so integral to Indian cooking.  So when I first started my cooking adventures a few years ago, I decided that I would try my hand at recipes with onions and hope for the best. I don’t know if this holds true for everyone, but I find that when you start cooking your own food, your taste buds …

Beet Orzo Risotto

Beet Orzo Risotto | The Full-time Foodie

There are some vegetables I have made peace with never loving, like eggplant or sweet potatoes.   Beets were also part of this group, until very recently.  They always seemed a bit too (naturally) sugary for me.  Growing up, my mom used to make beets Indian style- sauteed with Indian spices, chili peppers and salt.  I just could not get myself to enjoy that and trust me I TRIED but the sweetness just got in the way.  Beets have amazing health benefits so I was a little bummed that I couldn’t get myself to love them. Thankfully I got into a morning smoothie regimen since last year and through that beets made a comeback.  They are amazing in smoothies!  Which makes sense since they have a little sweetness and go perfectly well with fruits.  But there are times when I have too many beets and mostly the kind that have beet greens attached to them.  So I thought- what else can I make with them that I won’t hate?  Thanks to a leftover box of orzo pasta, I had a brain wave: Why not make a faux …

Roasted Masala Chickpeas

Roasted Masala Chickpeas || The Full-time Foodie

“Same same but different” is what I use to describe my husband and I in our love for snacking.  (By the way, points to anyone who knows where that phrase is originally used) We are the same in our love for snacking, but different when it comes to the KIND of snacks we love.  He loves sweet snacks like cookies or brownies and I’m more of the savory snacks like chips or snack mixes.  Regardless of the flavor we love snacking and for the longest time they would  be pretty terrible snacks- high in sugar, sodium and other nasties.  Controlling our snacking habits is still a work in progress even at this time, but I think we’re doing so much better than say.. 3 years ago?   My goal has become finding ways to replace the terrible snacks we eat with the not so terrible ones.  So naturally I turn to Pinterest and all my favorite cooking websites to find some healthy substitutes.   Suril is very lucky because there are a number of healthy snack recipes …