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Recipes that are a whole meal in one pot and don’t require sides or extras

Shrimp Fideuà

Shrimp Fideuà | The Full-time Foodie

Hello hello!  I’m happy to report that my batteries are completely recharged and I’m back feeling quite excited to cook again.  Not that I wasn’t cooking before, but I was struggling on the “what do I share on the blog!?!” front!  Sometimes I forget that the blog isn’t meant to be a stressful thing I HAVE to keep up with.  I just love cooking and trying new recipes out. The blog was created as a way for me to chronicle the recipes I enjoy and the photos are just an excuse for me to keep exercising my photography muscle.  Note to self- post only when inspired So I came back this week with renewed interest and new ideas! I also came back with a new resolve- to make practical choices with food.  Not that I was so impractical with food before, but sometimes I found myself wanting to make insanely complicated things that took way too much time and with ingredients I had a hard time finding use for again.  This just meant that I need to plan my meals better, budget better and find recipes that are …

Crispy Kale Chaat

Crispy Kale Chaat | The Full-time Foodie

Happy friday everyone!  I’m so glad the weekend’s almost here! You know how some weeks you just feel a bit… off your game?  I’m having one of those weeks for sure and for no reason in particular.  So this weekend I plan on recharging the ol’ batteries and it coincides with a trip to see my best friend in Canada!  So excited On to today’s recipe!   If you’re unfamiliar with chaat- it’s a type of Indian street-food that traditionally involves layering different types of spicy and sweet chutneys, fresh veggies like onions and tomatoes and on top of different vehicles ranging from samosas to small puris (crispy hollow puffed circles of dough).  There are hundreds of variations when it comes to chaat and people are still inventing new concepts! Today’s recipe was originally inspired by the whole palak chaat craze.  Palak chaat has been a phenomenon, particularly in DC thanks to Rasika (one of the most sought after Indian restaurants in the area).  I’m not remotely obsessed with Rasika, I’ve only been there three times since I moved to …

Beet Orzo Risotto

Beet Orzo Risotto | The Full-time Foodie

There are some vegetables I have made peace with never loving, like eggplant or sweet potatoes.   Beets were also part of this group, until very recently.  They always seemed a bit too (naturally) sugary for me.  Growing up, my mom used to make beets Indian style- sauteed with Indian spices, chili peppers and salt.  I just could not get myself to enjoy that and trust me I TRIED but the sweetness just got in the way.  Beets have amazing health benefits so I was a little bummed that I couldn’t get myself to love them. Thankfully I got into a morning smoothie regimen since last year and through that beets made a comeback.  They are amazing in smoothies!  Which makes sense since they have a little sweetness and go perfectly well with fruits.  But there are times when I have too many beets and mostly the kind that have beet greens attached to them.  So I thought- what else can I make with them that I won’t hate?  Thanks to a leftover box of orzo pasta, I had a brain wave: Why not make a faux …

Couscous Paella

Couscous Paella

If you know me, you know I’m not really a reality TV show enthusiast.  Not to say I haven’t watched reality TV, I definitely followed a couple of the MTV ones back in the day *shrug*.  But now, not so much.  The only reality TV I do follow are the cooking shows.  I started out watching Top Chef and then after a few seasons I stopped mainly because I didn’t have cable for 3-4 years.  Then I got cable again and I started to watch Chopped.  That was the show that introduced me to Marcus Samuelsson who was a frequent judge.  He seemed like he was always the level-headed one of all the judges and didn’t blatantly cause a scene for entertainment value.  Then I stumbled on another show called ‘The Taste’, where Marcus is a mentor/judge, which I now religiously follow!  If you love food/cooking- I highly recommend this show!  Contestants have literally one spoonful to prove their culinary prowess- really interesting stuff.  My husband, Suril, and I find ourselves almost always rooting for Marcus’ team …

Southwestern Baked Acorn Squash

Southwestern Baked Acorn Squash

I have always had a colleague or two in my career who have been avid CSA fans and would bring some extra veggies/fruits they couldn’t use to distribute at work.  If you don’t know what a CSA is, check out- .  In a nutshell it’s a farm to table system where you get super fresh seasonal veggies & fruits while supporting local farmers.  I was always intrigued but hadn’t tried it before because you do have to be willing to try vegetables you probably wouldn’t get on your own volition.  I felt like I would be better off going to a farmers market, but my issue with that was always timing.  I would never get out of work early enough to get to a market before it closed or even just have the good stuff available.  This is why a CSA or similar type of delivery system intrigued me. I did some research and while there are a lot of options in the DC area, I decided to try Washington’s Green Grocer (not quite a CSA but similar). …

Mediterranean Mac n’ Cheese

Mediterranean Mac n' Cheese

I feel like I’m going to get very predictable very quickly in the food-blogosphere When I love something, it becomes a pattern in my life.  In this case it’s my love for my oven.  I love my oven more than any other appliance in my kitchen and it will become very apparent as I post more recipes.  It suits my need to multi-task and there is smaller risk of me burning something, of course that is thanks to my other favorite: the kitchen timer!  This is a recipe that isn’t purely oven cooking, but it certainly allowed me to prep lunch while it was finishing up in the oven for our dinner!  I found it a long time ago on one of my favorite go to sites:  I did per usual make a few adjustments in this round because I didn’t have elbow macaroni on hand but I did have quinoa shells and it turned out just as good!