Month: July 2015

“Green” Hummus

"Green" Hummus | The Full-time Foodie

Late last year, I had purchased a brand new electric pressure cooker for one main reason:  to cook chickpeas from scratch.  For one thing, I’m a little wary of eating canned foods on the regular.  No scientific reasoning behind this, but it was just a matter of eating fresh food as often as I could.   After I pressure cooked my first batch of chickpeas from scratch- I was hooked.  It was so much more affordable to buy dried beans in bulk and I don’t know if it’s a psychological thing but everything I make with freshly cooked chickpeas tastes so much better!   This hummus recipe was inspired by, well I should actually say the main reason I made this hummus was because I have a super sweet co-worker who grows a ton of vegetables and herbs and regularly brings me things from her garden.  This past week she gave me, no joke, a 13 gallon bag filled with mint.  I had mentioned to her that my local grocery store has a weird shortage of mint i.e. they …

Quick Rice Dosa with Garlic-Coconut Chutney

Quick Rice Dosa with Garlic-Coconut Chutney

Ok.. do I even need to go there? Maybe a little so I can feel better: it’s summer + I’ve traveled every weekend + I have had MANY MANY fails lately.   Phew, that felt better πŸ™‚  On to today’s post! So this recipe might raise a lot of eyebrows of the seasoned dosa chefs, but what I was after was a quick dosa recipe that did not require fermentation or waiting for the batter to be done overnight.  I have never made a traditional dosa and the batter-making process seems pretty intimidating.  Luckily I found this recipe, authentic or not, and it was pretty darn delicious and QUICK.  Most dosas are made with a combination of rice, lentils and dal.  But this one uses just uses rice and shredded coconut.  So for those days where you’re really craving dosa and don’t want to go through the pains of fermenting and what not- this one will do the trick πŸ˜‰  The chutney recipe I found is equally quick and suuuuuper delicious!  Perhaps the only “catch” in …