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Crispy Kale Chaat

Crispy Kale Chaat | The Full-time Foodie

Happy friday everyone!  I’m so glad the weekend’s almost here! You know how some weeks you just feel a bit… off your game?  I’m having one of those weeks for sure and for no reason in particular.  So this weekend I plan on recharging the ol’ batteries and it coincides with a trip to see my best friend in Canada!  So excited 🙂 On to today’s recipe!   If you’re unfamiliar with chaat- it’s a type of Indian street-food that traditionally involves layering different types of spicy and sweet chutneys, fresh veggies like onions and tomatoes and on top of different vehicles ranging from samosas to small puris (crispy hollow puffed circles of dough).  There are hundreds of variations when it comes to chaat and people are still inventing new concepts! Today’s recipe was originally inspired by the whole palak chaat craze.  Palak chaat has been a phenomenon, particularly in DC thanks to Rasika (one of the most sought after Indian restaurants in the area).  I’m not remotely obsessed with Rasika, I’ve only been there three times since I moved …